How to Troubleshoot Your Home Heating System

How to Troubleshoot Your Home Heating System

It can be your worst nightmare that your heater isn’t functioning on the coldest day of the year. Even the thought of this situation can make you shudder. Hence it is crucial to avoid such circumstances by regularly calling experts for heating tune-up Galliano. Also, calling experts for a routine tune-up will ensure that your heating unit remains up-to-date and help reduce unnecessary repair expenses.

Troubleshooting Tips For Your Heating System

Here are a few heating troubleshooting tips you can try when your heater is acting up:

Make Sure Your Thermostat Remains Adjusted To “Heat”

It may seem obvious, but the thermostat is frequently the source of the problem. Programmable thermostats can be perplexing and challenging to use. Before presuming the heater is the source of the problem, check to determine if your thermostat remains accurately set.

It is also possible for the switch to shift unintentionally, most frequently while cleaning. So, before you call experts for heating repair in Raceland, LA, & Furnace Service Lockport, check to see if everything is in order with the thermostat.

Clean Or Change The Air Filters 

Filters that remain infected or closed are the most common causes of furnace difficulties and can result in excessive operating expenses. When filters become blocked with dust and grime, the heating element might overheat and shut down abruptly. It also produces soot accumulation on the heat exchanger, reducing the efficiency of your furnace. 

Check That The Gas Remains Turned On

The gas pipe, like the thermostat, gets turned off, and many people tend to ignore it. Trace the gas pipe from the heater to the meter to confirm this. Turn any handles opposite to the gas pipe to make them parallel. 

Also, a pilot light is usually present in an outdated furnace or boiler. Lift the front panel and the stove cover if yours has a pilot light to see if it’s lighted.

Clean The Discharged Flue From The Chimney

The issue could be birds or trash in the chimney exhaust flue. Hence to examine this, switch off the furnace and set the thermostat to the lowest setting. 

Remove the duct and inspect it for debris. Next, reconnect the components in the same order and direction you took them apart.

Remove Any Leaves Or Dirt From The Exhaust Vents

When your heater vents out the side of the home, leaves or debris may be clogging the inlet or exhaust, and if the drain passages become clogged with silt or mold growth, the furnace will stop operating. If the waste hose is unclean, unplug it and fill it with a bleach-water solution. Please enable it to sit for some time before flushing it out.

If these troubleshooting tips do not work, it is time to call experts for heat pump service in Galliano, LA. We are an expert HVAC company at Martin’s Heating & Air Conditioning and can help you with your heating and cooling problems. To book our services, feel free to call us.