Is It Necessary To Replace Both AC Units At The Same Time?

Are you thinking about replacing both units of the air conditioner at the same time? AC tune-up Galliano LA, can help you and save you more money than you think. Let’s look at why you might wish to get a new HVAC system installed simultaneously.

Air conditioners are based on the volume of air that can travel in a given amount of time and the size of the equipment, not only based on the size of your home, the length and height of the duct, but also based on your home’s needs. 


As they consist of inside and outside units, most air conditioners are called “split systems”. The installation of a new indoor unit without replacing the outdoor unit (or vice versa) will result in inefficiency. A mismatched air conditioning system can impair efficiency by more than 30% and put the entire AC unit under unnecessary stress. 

Pressure on the system

If the combination is wrong, the efficiency and life of HVAC systems would be considerably impacted. When it comes to your indoor unit, It will produce excessive pressure on the system if it is not matched with the outdoor unit, drastically reducing its life expectancy. 

Premature Failures

A mismatched unit will put too much strain on your air conditioner, causing it to break prematurely and require costly repair. This is especially true if your new installation employs a non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant (usually R410A). 

Non-warranty possibility

Many manufacturers are aware of issues related to incompatible systems, so they say they are not responsible for performance issues related to incompatible systems.

Minimize Installation Cost 

It would be best to consider how much you have to pay for installation, which will significantly affect the cost you pay for the new system. 

Additional Benefits

Suppose you’re a new homeowner who has only ever had air conditioning or heating repairs and maintenance. In that case, you might not understand that replacing two systems at once can save you money (literally!). You will likely be offered special offers as a result of your decision. The system builder may occasionally provide the duo with unique promotions. This can help you save money by allowing you to complete additional home improvement tasks or set away funds for future unplanned improvements during the year.

With the help of AC installation Galliano, you can find the most suitable air conditioning service for your home.  Martin’s Heating & Air Conditioning will make sure to let you know the problem so that you can pick the best solution for your needs and budget. Call 985-632-6428 or drop us an email at