6 Warning Signs to Change Dirty Furnace Filters

A dirty furnace filter can lead to potential issues. A clogged filter leads to a buildup of pollutants in the air you breathe. If the filter is clogged, it causes overheating and, this can damage the system. If you do not maintain your system, you might have to deal with substantial repair costs.

Your furnace filters are supposed to help protect the things at home by removing dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne particulates before they can do any harm, and regular maintenance is the only way to stay safe.

Here are Six Warning Signs That You Need To Know To Get Cleaned Right Away:

High Utility Bills:

A furnace maintains warmth in the room with the help of a fan whose primary purpose is to distribute and reuse warm air throughout your room to maintain the temperature.  

A clogged filter impacts the efficiency of the system. In addition, the fan now requires more power to circulate the air. Hire our technicians for furnace service in Lockport if you are experiencing sudden high electricity bills.

Frequent Shut Down:

If the air filter is clogged, the internal components of an HVAC system are at risk. If you face issues in switching on the furnace, the problem might be due to a damaged fan or pilot light.

Replacing furnace components will impact your savings as these components are expensive and require regular maintenance. Change the air filters timely to avoid dealing with severe issues.

Burning Smell From The Furnace:

Burning smells are an indication the air filter is filled with dust and dirt. Since the filter is clogged, it interrupts the airflow and leads to overheating.

A burning smell is also due to the inefficiency of various components and, changing the air filter will avoid such issues.

Impact On Family Member’s Health:

A furnace filter is responsible for smooth airflow at home and maintaining the temperature set by you on the thermostat. If the air is filled with pollutants, your family members might suffer from various diseases.

Dry cough, allergies, and irritation in the eyes are a few symptoms you might experience at home.

Impact On Indoor Air Quality:

You will experience a change in the air quality at home if the air filter is clogged. Indoor air quality becomes poor as the filter is inefficient to protect the room from entering dust and debris. 

Weird Furnace Noises:

Is your furnace creating weird noises frequently? A dirty air filter impacts the spark plugs and impacts the efficiency of the engine. As a result, you will notice various noises such as grinding, frequent clicking noises, and rattling noises.

The first thing during such situations is to check the air filter and if it needs to be changed, contact your HVAC partner to replace them.

A smoky furnace filter can wreak HVAC on home heating systems. However, if you are hunting for heat pump repair in Raceland, LA, you can stop searching now. Technicians at Martin’s Heating & Air Conditioning are well-trained and will suggest the best possible solution within your budget only after inspection.

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