8 Cool Facts You Might Not Have Known About Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have faithfully performed their responsibility by providing us with comfort regardless of the season. The concept of “air cooling” dates back to ancient Egyptians who hang reeds on the windows to give a cooling sensation. Air conditioners have also been through many development stages to evolve into their present form, and nowadays, it has become more of a necessity. Therefore, it is more than ever important to call for an AC service in Raceland regularly.

8 Facts About Air Conditioners

The air conditioners might look normal like every other machine, but some pretty interesting facts about them are mentioned below – 

  • When the air conditioners were introduced, the output was measured in terms of the number of ice cubes it took to produce the cooling capacity. This experiment leads to a term known as “ice power,” which measures the number of units an AC creates.
  • In 1939, an American car company, “Packard,” was the first name in the automobile industry to introduce the concept of air conditioners in a car. The process to operate a car AC during that time required the driver to turn off the car, unlock the roof and detach the compressor belt. 
  • In 1917 the concept of air conditioning was introduced in movie theatres. At that time, the theatre owners would use the air conditioners as an enticement to attract people to fill the seats, and this was a marketing strategy prevalent during that time.
  • The “father of air conditioning”, Willis Carrier, was the first person to design a grand-scale air conditioning system on 17 July 1902. The first drawings were submitted by Carrier, which was considered to be the final drawings.
  • Although the air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier, the name “air conditioner” was named by Stuart Cramer. He named air conditioning as a system of controlling humidity and temperature in large industries. According to Cramer’s observation, if the humidity of industries could be controlled, then production would become more efficient. 
  • Air conditioners can also be said to have contributed towards lowering the mortality rates. According to numerous research and studies, it was found that the number of death cases was reduced by almost 70% during summer after the invention of air conditioners.
  • The cooling capacity of an AC is measured in terms of “tonnes”. This term is not to be mixed with the tonne used to describe weight, but this term indicates how much heat can the air conditioner remove in 1 hour.
  • The cost of an air conditioner in the 1940s was around 350 dollars. Over time, the cost of an air conditioner has risen to about 3600 dollars. Then, air conditioners were considered a luxury that could only be afforded by the upper-class people but nowadays, the price of an air conditioner is so affordable that many people can afford it easily.

Air conditioners have lately grown as the most important electrical appliances in contemporary times. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain them and schedule timely AC repair in Lockport, LA, for enhanced cooling and comfort. 

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