How Do I Maintain My Heat Pump In The Winter?

How Do I Maintain My Heat Pump In The Winter?

A heat pump uses no refrigerant to generate hot or cool air. Instead, it extracts the heat from the outdoor air and distributes it to your house. It also removes the hot indoor air and makes the room cooler during the summer.

A heat pump is the most energy-efficient HVAC system that can serve you throughout the year. However, it needs maintenance to work perfectly, especially during the winter months because of snow.

Best Ways to Maintain a Heat Pump

  • Clean With Care: When something accumulates on your heat pump, never scratch it with any sharp object, especially the ice on the coils. It causes physical damage to your heat pump, possibly requiring an expensive Heat Pump Repair in Raceland, LA.
    Always use efficient cleaning tools like a vacuum, water hose, brushes, etc., to clean the heat pump.
  • Defrost the Ice Build-up: Ice build-up on heat pumps is common during winter, but check the outside unit if your heat pump works inefficiently. Too much build-up of ice can be the reason for the inefficiency. Instead, pour water into ice for a few hours to melt it.
  • Build a Shade: Build a suitable shade around your heat pump to protect it from debris and snow. Ensure that the shading does not restrict the airflow. There should be enough space between the heat pump and the shade you build.

Contact Expert Service

Get your heat pump serviced at least once annually to utilize the system in the best possible way. A professional service will help you maintain your heat pump with ease and convenience. In addition, a professional maintenance service will reduce Heating repairs in Raceland, LA.

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