How to Reduce Winter Energy Costs

To save money on energy bills, our heating service experts in Galliano have compiled a list of tips and tricks to reduce the dependency on HVAC systems and reduce overall energy costs.

Some tips to reduce energy costs but maintain the warmth in your home!

  • Increase the insulation 
    Poor insulation around the ducts and walls can cause the energy to escape from the indoors. You can get a weatherstripping kit from a nearby hardware store and avoid the draft from entering your home through the windows. Moreover, you can call our heating experts to fill the gaps in the walls and check the ducts to avoid energy loss. 
  • Sun is the best source of warmth! 
    The best way to reduce your dependency on the heating system is by finding new sources of warmth. Our furnace service experts in Lockport suggest opening up the doors and windows to let the sun’s heat increase the temperature in your room. The sun’s rays will kill the bacteria residing in your home and improve the airflow. 
  • Maintenance services are essential. 
    Maintenance services are necessary to avoid a spike in energy bills due to malfunctioning components. Blocked airways and dirty filters can also cause a surge in electricity bills. Maintenance and tune-up service at the beginning of the season cleans and inspects the heating system to ensure it works optimally and efficiently. 
  • A smart thermostat will help! 
    Our heating repair experts in Raceland, LA, advise switching to programmable thermostats. Installing a programmable thermostat will help you maintain energy costs. You can save your preferred temperature settings in the thermostat and reduce energy bills by lowering the temperature in the daytime. 


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