How To Select The Right HVAC Home Filters?

Choosing the right filter can be very complicated for many homeowners. Filters are essential to keep the HVAC unit in proper shape. It helps in removing pollutants, dust, pollen, and bacteria from the air, enhancing the air quality. Homeowners must reach out to AC Repair in Lockport, LA to maintain the unit and its components in good health.

You must consider various factors before buying a new filter. There are several options available online. The filters available are made out of different materials and are easy to use, like Fiberglass, pleated media filters, HEPA filters, and washable filters. You must include the following factors while choosing the filter:


The first step in selecting the right HVAC filter is making sure that it’s compatible with the unit. The size and brand do make a difference. Homeowners must check the size of the filter required in the information on the unit or in the user’s manual. 

A good fit will prevent the dirt from slipping through the edges and protect the unit on the whole. If you have trouble understanding what size of the filter is required for a unit, you can reach out to Heating Tune-Up in Galliano, LA for advice.

Filter Efficiency 

Another factor to consider while choosing the HVAC filter is MERV. It is a standard rating system accepted by the American Society Of Heating, Refrigeration, And Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Homeowners can check the MERV to evaluate and compare air filters, which can define the efficiency of the filter.

If you have family members who have allergies or any respiratory condition, you should look for filers who have MERV 12 or higher to reduce the contaminants and pollutants that enter the house.

Operating Capacity

It is always a good idea to go for a high-efficiency filter, but you must not forget to check the operating capacity of the unit. High-Efficiency filters have a great ability to trap smaller particles, but they can cause serious damage to the unit. 

Finer the filtration, the greater the operating capacity it requires. It is wise to ask for a Heat Pump Repair in Raceland, LA.

Kinds Of Material

The material defines the quality and durability of the filter. There are fiberglass filters that have a MERV rating of between 1-5, which means that it is the lowest in keeping your air filtered and clean. It can work in the countryside, but it is not suitable for urban towns.

The pleated filters are disposable but they have a better quality rating between (5-13. They have varying regions. The pleats in the filters enhance higher filtration capacity. Reusable filters are quite expensive than both of them,m but they require to be maintained and washed regularly.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

HEPA is the most efficient filter available, which claims to trap 99.9% of pollutants. They can filter pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns. Better quality air filters will be expensive, but in the long term, they will help you save energy.

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