Is Your Furnace Making An Excessive Buzzing Noise? The Following Is What You Can Do About It.

Is Your Furnace Making Excessive Noise?

Furnaces are heavy-duty HVAC machines, and a certain level of humming is expected during operation. Furnaces also tend to make more noise with age. However, we do not suggest that you dismiss any apprehension you may have about your furnace’s loud noise. You must schedule a furnace service in Lockport if the issue does not disappear after a while. 

A loud buzzing or any other kind of unrecognized noise can be an indication of a problem, big or small, with your furnace. Read on for a comprehensive knowledge of everyday furnace noises and how to resolve them.

Types Of Furnace Noise

Strange, loud noises are a tell-tale sign of a furnace problem. Diagnosis and repair become much easier when you can pinpoint technicians in a particular region of the furnace. To help you identify such noise, we have put together a few types of noise owners have often reported in the past.

  • Buzzing Noise: A  loud buzzing noise from your furnace can have several reasons.
    • Capacitor: capacitors are devices that store electricity and help the motor to start. A faulty capacitor can make a buzzing noise.
    • Blower Motor: a malfunctioning blower motor can cause a humming or buzzing noise when the furnace is turned on. A blower motor replacement requires a professional’s expertise and cannot be resolved by untrained individuals.
    • Transformer Box: the transformer box of your furnace can buzz if it’s not positioned right or is malfunctioning. You may secure the box with domestic tools, but professionals must carry out any repairs.
  • Humming Noise: A humming noise usually indicates an issue with the blower motor. Thorough lubrication should solve the issue, but contact a trusted contractor in your area if it persists for a Heating Service in Lockport, LA.
  • Knocking Noise: If you hear a knocking or popping noise every time you switch your furnace on, it could indicate an issue with your heating system’s ductwork. Ducts contract and expand with the constant flow of hot air through them. Loud knocking noises can indicate an undersized or flimsy duct. You are also indicating a closed vent or clogged filters. 
    If your furnace burners have a severe dust deposition, it can delay the ignition and cause gas to build up in the chambers. When the burners finally ignite, the build-up gas can also make a loud popping noise.
  • Crackling Noise: A crackling sound is usually not an alarming issue. If it occurs after you turn off your furnace, it may come from the ducts cooling down and contracting. However, if the sound persists and you sense something odd, pay attention to when the nose comes on and call an HVAC technician accordingly.
  • Clicking Noise: During operation, loud clicking noise could indicate an issue with the furnace’s flame sensors or an issue with the ignition and the gas. You must schedule a furnace service in Galliano, la, immediately to prevent further damage to the furnace.


Identifying and repairing such issues is vital to your furnace’s operation and health. In addition, early repairs prevent such issues from causing further damage and reduce chances for a heating replacement Galliano, LA. With over 50 years of experience, Martin Heat and Air are best equipped to understand your HVAC needs and deliver a seamless, tidy, professional service experience. Call us today.