Telltale Indicators That Your Furnace Needs Service

Identifying the indicators that you need furnace tune-up is important to avoid total failure. It is also advisable to plan regular preventive maintenance with an authorized HVAC technician in Lockport to put your mind at ease.

Signs You Need a Furnace Tune-Up

  • Your home isn’t heating properly
    If you’re experiencing varying heat levels in your house or have to make multiple trips to set the thermostat is a sign that there’s something wrong. Instead of increasing your electric costs by raising the temperature of your thermostat, have an expert examine the situation to determine whether there are any significant issues with your furnace.
  • Increased energy bills
    If you’re seeing an unusually high bill for energy during the colder months, this may be a signal that your furnace is not working as efficiently. Examine your energy use compared to the previous year. If the difference is more significant than usual, contact Martin’s Heating & Air Conditioning for heating repair in Raceland, LA.
  • Odd sounds
    A slight amount of sound is normal and acceptable from your furnace, but should you observe things that aren’t normal and normal, they could be a signal to be aware of. Examples are whistling, grinding, screeching, loud bangs, squeals, etc.
  • Strange odors
    If you use a furnace for the first time during the season, it’s normal to smell a bit due to the dust particles. However, a smell that persists for more than a week or so can cause concern. For instance, the metallic or burning rubber smell that persists for an extended period could indicate that your furnace may not function correctly and must be examined immediately.

Homeowners can complete a few simple repairs to their furnaces; however, the technical repairs should be left to highly trained technicians. If your furnace appears to have more issues than you can handle, call Martin’s Heating & Air Conditioning for heating service in Raceland and Galliano. We’ll be happy to help for any of your HVAC needs.