The Steps to a Successful AC Replacement

The Steps to a Successful AC Replacement

With the days of ice popsicles and sunny skies approaching, having a functioning AC is a must. But more importantly, getting your AC serviced in Galliano, Rockport, Raceland, LA, and the surrounding areas and even replaced as and when required is essential. Every piece of machinery requires regular servicing and care. This is where we at Martin’s Heating and Air Conditioning come in to lend a helping hand. We provide AC repair in Lockport, LA, and other additional services.

Process of AC Repair and Replacement

The task of getting your AC repaired and replaced may seem complex, but it is a rather easy one if the following steps are followed in the correct order:

  1. Diagnose The Problem:  The first and foremost step would be to diagnose the problems you are facing with the air conditioner. There can be a multitude of problems that people face, including:
    • Increased electricity bills

    • The internal Compressor not working

    • AC system being too noisy when switched on

  1. Replace Versus Repair: After you have correctly diagnosed the problem, identify whether the problem can be fixed with a simple repair or if the AC has to be replaced entirely. Sometimes a part may have a tiny wire loss or some problem that can be repaired within minutes. While in other cases, the part may be burnt or no longer functional, and so it will have to be replaced entirely. In addition to that, sometimes your entire AC system may need to be replaced and not just one particular part.
  2. Inspect All Other Parts: It is always best to save yourself some future hassle and inspect all other parts of your unit to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Regular Maintenance: An important step for the well-being of both your AC and your bank account is ensuring your AC is regularly serviced and maintained properly. This will keep your AC running for years, benefiting the environment and your electricity and utility bills.
  4. Additional Step: SEER Ratings: If you are getting your AC replaced and want to check the quality and efficiency of a particular brand, you can also look at their SEER ratings apart from all other factors. A SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) will tell you how efficient a particular AC is. The higher the rating, the more efficient and environmentally friendly the AC is.

Why Choose Us?

Martin’s provides the finest AC replacement services and more. Some other services we provide are:

In addition to all this, we ensure our customers are happy and fulfilled by providing services that are:

  • Economical: Cost is a factor we take into consideration to ensure services are feasible for everyone. We make sure that our services are both best in quality and affordability
  • Assured Warranty: From installation to repair, we do all the checks and provide a proper warranty on all products and services. We offer the best quality at the best prices.
  • Professional Service: We believe in providing the best quality products and professional staff to ensure the customers get the best experience.

What Are You Waiting For?

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