The Three Furnace Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore

Furnace Odors That You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Your furnace could emit an odor you might not even realize is a problem, but it could be a sign of a more significant issue, like dust buildup around the blower or faulty wiring.

Furnace odors that you should never ignore. Call our heating service experts in Galliano without delay if you notice them:

  • Burning Rubber, Melting Plastic, or Hot Oil Smell: A failing belt in the furnace often causes a burning rubber smell. These belts are responsible for turning the blower and other mechanical parts. When the blower belt breaks or wears out, it can produce a burning rubber smell as it rubs against other components. If you are in such a situation, contacting us for a heating service in Galliano is the best choice!
  • Melting plastic smell is another common furnace odor that should not be ignored. This smell may indicate that plastic components in the furnace, such as wire insulation, are overheating and melting. It can be a serious issue, as melted plastic can cause a short circuit or fire.
  • A hot oil smell can indicate a problem with the furnace’s oil supply or that the furnace is overheating. If you smell hot oil, turn off your furnace and call us for professional heating service in Galliano for repair.
  • Dusty Furnace Odor can be caused by Worn-out or damaged filters in the blower compartment or on the return air ducts. Blocked ductwork that prevents fresh air from coming into your home. Poorly insulated ductwork. Clean air filters weekly to prevent dusty furnace odors. Get furnace service in Lockport monthly, change the filter when dirty (usually every three months), and ensure the return air ducts are unobstructed.
  • Rotten Eggs: A rotten egg smell can be a warning sign of a gas leak. If you smell this odor, leave the area immediately and call our furnace service experts in Lockport. A sulfur buildup in your ductwork may also cause the odor. It can happen if you need more air flowing through your ducts to correctly distribute heat and air conditioning throughout your house.

To fix this problem, make sure that your furnace is running at high speed, which will push more air through your ducts. You can also check with our HVAC professional, who can perform a heating repair in Raceland, LA, to clean out any debris or sulfur buildup causing the problem.


When facing the need for a furnace repair, several factors must be weighed. It’s essential to find a service provider that offers top-notch service at a reasonable cost while ensuring they are reliable and attentive to your requirements.

You can trust Martin’s Heat And Air to provide prompt, professional heating repair in Raceland, LA, with service at a price that fits your budget. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy with our work while they stay warm during this winter season. Call and schedule a service today!