What Should I Do About My Noisy Furnace

While a certain level of noise from your furnace is average and expected, it should not be disturbing your or your neighbor’s sleep. On the other hand, loud noises emanating from your furnace are usually a sure sign that your furnace needs help. But try to identify the issue yourself before jumping to conclusions. 

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What is the Problem?

Knowing that your furnace may have a problem is one thing, but figuring out what that problem is can be a daunting challenge for most homeowners. 

Here is a brief description of some everyday noises from your furnace that you might be experiencing and what may cause them.

Clicking Noise

Your furnace generates heat by the combustion of gas in an ignition chamber. If you hear clicking noises, there is a problem with the ignition system. Check if the wiring is connected and that the flame sensors and the burners are clean. The sound can also be due to a broken fan.

Banging Noise

First, check where the noise is coming from. The problem lies with the ignition chamber coming from the furnace itself. If the sound is coming from the house but not near the furnace, you should inspect your ducts.

Whistling Sounds

This indicates a broken blower or a problem with the airflow itself. For example, if the blower fans haven’t been cleaned in a while, the accumulated debris will make the blower draw more power to work, generating noises. On the other hand, sluggish airflow is caused by problems in the ducts and filters.

Buzzing Noise

This can be due to several faulty components in your furnace. For example, problems with the inducer motor, blower motor, or an old transformer or capacitor can be the culprit.

Rattling Noise

Rattling sounds generally are an indication that there is a loose or broken part inside your furnace. Rarely, it can also be due to cracks in the heat exchanger.

While some of the above problems can be identified and fixed at home, we do not advise it as any missteps can cause severe damage to your heating system or injuries.

What should I do?

A noisy furnace is a sign of major or minor damage within a furnace. If left unchecked, it can cause more significant complications and, in some cases, even be fatal. Therefore, we advise you to turn your furnace off immediately and contact an HVAC professional experienced with Heating Service Galliano.

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We also recommend scheduling a heating tune-up in Galliano before the advent of winters to ensure that your furnace works smoothly throughout the season. In addition, we offer maintenance plans with attractive benefits and discounts.

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