What Should You Do Before Turning On AC?

While it appears that we may truly get some spring weather this year, we all know that an interruption in the weather means summer is on its way — and it’s coming up fast! Soon, you and many other homeowners will seek shade from the sun that only your air conditioning system can provide. You want your refrigerating system to work its magic not just once, but every time you turn it on this summer. Therefore, it is better to schedule regular AC service in Raceland to ensure your unit’s optimum performance.

What to Do Before Turning On The Air Conditioner?

Here are some steps you must follow before turning on your air conditioning device. 

Examine your air filters.

Most homeowners are unaware that their heater and air conditioner most likely share a filtration system. So, if you’ve had the heating device turned on for a few months (even if only in the evening), your air filters have been taking in and snaring air pollutants nonstop.

And, if your filter is blocked up, you must replace it right away. Why? On the other hand, a clogged filter will ultimately suffocate your AC system. Yes, your air conditioning system, like you, needs to breathe. And if a thick layer of dirt or dust prevents air from entering your system, it won’t be long before you notice major issues.

Remove dust and dirt from the outdoor unit.

After a stormy winter, make sure your outdoor unit (the compressor) is free of leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris. Even though it appears to be innocuous, the thin coating of- dirt and leaves trapped in this condenser can reduce the efficiency of the AC and raise electricity bills.

Why? The primary function of an outdoor unit is to gather all the heat eliminated from the air inside your home. The heat is then circulated out into the outdoor air by the unit.

However, if the outdoor unit is caked in mud or suffocated by a nearby fence or foliage, it will be difficult to dump all that heat. Consider this as attempting to cool a hot bowl of soup with an airtight lid on top.

Verify your thermostat configurations again.

To begin, always double-check that the temperature sensor has been switched from HEAT to COOL. However, you should always- make sure that your thermostat fan is- set to AUTO rather than ON. Why? When you set your temperature controller fan to ON, it will run continuously—even when your air conditioner is not in use. 

It not only wastes energy but also makes your home humid. The cold coolant- contained within those coils soaks up both heat and moisture from the air. As a result, moisture accumulates on these coils over time and “should” seep into a pan.

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