Why Is My AC Not Dripping Water?

Why Is My AC Not Dripping Water?

Like any other machine, they are likely to lose their efficiency with time and usage. Homeowners often fail to maintain their air conditioners. Missing routine maintenance can have a great impact on performance. Reach out for an AC Tune-up in Galliano, LA, to check the air conditioner’s health.

Why Must The Water Be Drained From The Air Conditioner?

AC must drain the water out to ensure they don’t harm your air conditioners. Water stored in the air conditioner should be drained to avoid stagnant water. In a humid climate, the precipitation rate increases. With the air conditioning operating at its absolute measure, the condensation cycle increases and occurs at a high pace. 

 Water must be drained to decrease the risk of bacteria. Homeowners must ensure the unit’s water is drained regularly to avoid diseases. If the water is not allowed out, it can create potential discharges into the pan. There can be many reasons for water not being drained properly. Some of them are:

Clogged Drain Line

Algae and fungi accumulate on the drain line when the water is not drained properly. It doesn’t let the water drain out of the system. This can produce a pungent smell and even cause health issues like vomiting, headaches, and breathing problems.

Cleaning drain lines regularly can be the best solution to prevent these clogs. You can do it yourself by pouring about 6 ounces of vinegar into the drain line every few months to eliminate the fungi and algae build-up.

Dirty Air Filter

Indoor air quality highly depends on proper airflow. Filters are responsible for the machine functioning properly. If it gets clogged or dirty, the air will get obstructed and can cause a variety of issues, like freezing the evaporator coil and creating drain clogs.

Homeowners must use high-quality air filters to prevent dust particles and other pollutants from the building. They must be changed regularly. Experts suggest that air filters should be changed every three months if you have pets or smoking habits. It is always wise to reach out to an AC Installation in Galliano.

Missing Drain Pan

Drain pans are responsible for draining the water from the system. It is located underneath the evaporator coil. It collects the condensate from the indoor unit. 

A Cracked/rusted or missing drain pan won’t be able to drain the water properly.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

When the evaporator coils freeze, the water leaks instead of flowing through the drain. It requires immediate action to avoid water damage. Homeowners must fix routine maintenance with an AC Repair in Lockport, LA, to avoid this problem.

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