Why Is My Heat Pump Not Heating My Home?

With the winter season already here, you cannot be making any compromises with your heating system. Sometimes, there are fast difficulties that your package performs depending on the type of heating failure you are facing. However, if you find it unfixable, maybe it’s time to rely on an expert technician. 

Common Heat Pump Issues

If you’re freezing up despite having a sound reliable HVAC system, you need to reconsider your choices and get in touch with a professional soon. Before calling for help, understand what is wrong with the heating pump. Here are the following ways and reasons to help you out;

  • The Heat Pump is Frozen: If you are tuning for heat pump repair from Raceland, LA, there is a likelihood that your order has iced up itself. It gets cold up there! There is a defrost mode to get rid of all that ice, but never allow it to settle on the coils as it might cause the compressor failure. 
  • Outside Unit: There is so much that can go wrong with the outside unit. It might get blocked or have no power at all. Check the thermostat and make sure that it has the heat setting on. The exterior unit has a power switch on the exterior wall from where the unit lines are running into your house. 

If they are tripped, flip them back on. You might end up with a blown-up fuse at times. Purchasing the one right for your heating pump from reliable providers determines your system’s lifeline. You need to maintain your outside unit with constant professional guidance. It keeps the HVAC unit from shutting down randomly.

  • Blocked Airflow: If you have pets, it is all that gathered up fur that has been clogging your air filter. But there are other reasons why your unit might not be working correctly. Overused filters that have not been replaced in months and even years might decrease the performance of your heating system. According to the details on your heating system’s manual, change them in the given recommended frequency.

Importance of Tune-Ups

Heat pumps that have not gone through proper servicing and maintenance often have the most issues, forcing the owners to replace them every two years or so. List down the best providers in your area. For example, in Lockport, LA, heating service is now made easy with Martin’s Heating And Air Conditioning. They provide you 24/7 service in surrounding areas too, in business for over 50 years. 

Accordingly, a heating unit needs at least two maintenance tune-ups each year. Opposition is constantly better than cure, don’t allow the heat pump to surprise you with an unwanted holiday expense!

Need Professional Help?

Once you are fed up with changing one part or another of your HVAC unit, you might need to call for a heating tune-up in Galliano, LA. Whatever the issue might be, whether it is a block of ice eating up your filters, or a faulty thermostat that refuses to allow your system from blowing hot air, Martin’s Heating and Air Conditioning can fix it all.